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Patient CareImplementing Pharmacist-Led Patient Home VisitsKimberly C. McKeirnan, PharmD, BCACP; Kyle R. Frazier, PharmD; Beau KeownDecember 2019
Executive Editor LetterReflections on Ten Years of ProgressJon R. Roth, MS, CAEDecember 2019
Letter from the EditorTransitions in CaliforniaAnandi Law, BPharm, MS, PhD, FAPhA
December 2019
ReviewExtended Reality in Patient Care and Pharmacy Practice: A ViewpointJody K. Takemoto, PhD; Rachel A. Bratelli, PharmD, BCACP; Brittany L. Parmentier, PharmD,
BCPS, BCPP; Thayer A. Merritt, BS; Leanne Coyne, PhD
December 2019
Law UpdateAvoiding Common Legal Issues Confronted in Pharmacy Practice: Evaluating Prescriptions with PRN Wording and Calling for RefillsFred G. Weissman, PharmD, JD; Ettie Rosenberg, PharmD, JDDecember 2019
ReviewBaloxavir Marboxil: A New Antiviral for Acute InfluenzaStephen Selvanayagam, PharmD; Amy Kang, PharmD; David R. Ha, PharmD, BCIDPDecember 2019
Original ResearchThe Effect of a Tailored Patient Activation
Intervention in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients
Chisom Kanu, MS; Carolyn Brown, PhD; Jamie Barner, PhD; Casey Chapman, MD; Heather Walker, RNSeptember 2019
Original ResearchAssociation Between Sleep Medications and
Falls and Fall-related Worries in Community-
Dwelling Older Adults in the United States
Kathy L. Nguyen, BS, 2019 PharmD Candidate; Jonathan H. Watanabe, PharmD, PhD, BCGPSeptember 2019
ReviewFocus on New Diabetes Treatment Options
with Cardiovascular Benefits
Jeany Kim Jun, PharmD, APh, MPH, BCACPSeptember 2019
ReviewRecognizing Emerging Roles: Effective Delegation to and Supervision of Pharmacy Technicians for a More Efficient and Effective Pharmacy OrganizationMustafa Sultani, 2021 PharmD Candidate; Sam Pournezhad, 2021 PharmD Candidate; Shane P. Desselle, RPh, PhD, FAPhA; Bushra Alsharif, 2021 PharmD/MPH Candidate; Muhamod Saied, 2019 PharmD Candidate; Ryan Hoh, 2019 PharmD CandidateSeptember 2019
Evidence-Based PracticeCritical appraisal of the ASCEND trialAya F. Ozaki, BScPhm, PharmD; Cynthia Jackevicius, PharmD, MSc, BScPhmSeptember 2019
Clinical Practice CapsuleTreatment of Blood Cholesterol to Reduce
Atheroscelerotic Cardiovascular Risk in Adults
Cori Gray, PharmD Candidate; Craig Stern, PharmD, MBASeptember 2019