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Review New California Compounding Regulations Chris Munoz, PharmDDecember, 2017
Original Research The Impact of the U.S. Drug Enforcement
Agency Schedule Changes for Hydrocodone and
Tramadol on California Prescriptions Patterns
Roneet Lev, MD FACEP; Keren Lee; Nathan Painter, PharmD, CDEMarch, 2018
Original Research Interpretation of California's Marijuana Regulations after Proposition
64 and Pharmacy Practice Roles in Medical Marijuana Dispensing
against Federal Enforcement Risks
Ettie Rosenberg, PharmD, JDMarch, 2018
Review General Principles of Geriatric Drug Therapy Timothy W. Cutler, PharmD, BCGP; Thomas R. Clark, RPh, MHS, BCGPMarch, 2018
Original Research Examining Patient Acceptability of Naloxone Pre and Post
Participating in the Evaluation of Opioid Safety Posters
Jennifer Behan PharmD; Michelle Geier PharmD, BCPPMarch, 2018
Original Research The Pharmacist’s Role in Medical Marijuana Counseling:
Patient and Pharmacist Perspective
James Colbert, PharmD; Sarah McBane, PharmD; Yasmine Anouty, B.S.; Tiffany Cheng, B.S.;
Jenny Xinyu Dong, B.S.; Nicole Kim, B.A.; Wilson Liang, B.S.; John Nguyen, B.S.; Aneri Parikh, B.A.;
Amelia Weidling, B.S.
March, 2018
Review How Do You Respond to Corresponding Responsibility? K. Scott Guess, PharmD, MS Pharm, RPh, APh, DAIPMMay, 2007
Human Interest Are You in a Professional Rut? Bonnie Hui-Callahan, PharmD, CDEJune, 2018
Original Research Assessing Vancomycin Dosing Per Pharmacy in Elderly Patients Over the Age of 74 Years Lee H. Nguyen, PharmD, BCPS-AQ ID, APh; Martin Breen, PharmD; Jason Yamaki, PharmD, PhD; Geraldine Cadalin, BS; Nilomi Shah, BA; Linda Lumintaintang, BSJune, 2018
Editorial Communities Shape Our Lives and Practice Sonya Frausto, PharmD, MA, FCPhAJune, 2018
Evidence-Based Practice Critical Appraisal of Non-Inferiority Randomized Controlled Trials Cynthia Jackevicius, BScPhm, PharmD, MSc, BCPS-AQ Cardiology, FCSHP, FAHA, FCCP, FCCSJune, 2018
Original Research Impact of a Centralized Interdisciplinary Discharge Unit on Readmission Rates and Transitional Care Services in High Risk Patients Danielle Candelario, PharmD, BCPS; Sarah H. Lee, PharmD; Rachael Durie, PharmD, BCPS; Thom Kim Nguyen, PharmD, BCPS; Patricia Greenberg, MS; Janine Louie, PharmDJune, 2018
Review Medication Disposal: The Final Step in Medication Safety Sun Lee, PharmD; Micah Hata, PharmD; Anandi V. Law, BPharm, MS, PhD, FAPhAJune, 2018
Clinical Practice Capsule Recommendations for the Treatment of Parkinson's Disease Cori Gray, PharmD Candidate 2019; Craig S. Stern, RPh, PharmD, MBA, FICA, FAMCP, FCPhAJune, 2018
Original Research Assessing the Acceptance of the
Pay-For-Performance Model in a
Segment of California Pharmacists
James Colbert, PharmD; Sarah McBane, PharmD; Michael S. Lam, 2019 PharmD candidate;
Alice Blaj, 2019 PharmD candidate; Briana Zimmers, 2019 PharmD candidate; Michael Yoon,
2019 PharmD candidate; Brian Park, 2019 PharmD candidate; Thu Le, 2019 PharmD candidate;
Han Dinh, 2019 PharmD candidate; Jessie Wang, 2019 PharmD candidate
September, 2018
Original Research Examining the attitudes and beliefs of
California pharmacists toward dispensing
medications intended to be lethal
Paul Gavaza, PhD; Jonathan Aspe, PhD, 2019 PharmD candidate; Carina Deck, 2019 PharmD candidate; Lap-Woon Keung, 2019 PharmD candidate; Stephanie Koch LeGrand, 2019 PharmD candidate; Myung Seon Song, 2019 PharmD candidate; Franky Yan, 2019 PharmD candidate; Ko Eun Yoo, 2019 PharmD candidate; Emineh Zohrabi, 2019 PharmD candidate; Jim Pinder, JD, MBA; Farnoosh Zough, PharmD, BCPSSeptember, 2018
Review Biosimilars and the Pharmacist: A Review of the Legal and Regulatory Issues Part 1 Donald R. Miller, PharmD, FASHP; Arianna Vidger, BS, 2019 PharmD CandidateSeptember, 2018
Business Model Change Champions Required to Promote Use
of an Advanced EMR in a Mobile Community
Health Clinic
Shane P. Desselle, RPh, PhD, FAPhA; James E. Lessenger, MD, FACOEM;
Mustafa Sultani, 2021 PharmD candidate; Bushra Alsharif, 2021 PharmD candidate;
Sam Pournezhad, 2021 PharmD candidate
September, 2018
Clinical Practice Capsule Recommendations for Anticoagulation
Selection in Atrial Fibrillation Patients
Eric Pinashin, PharmD Candidate 2019;
September, 2018
Original Research Impact of a Shared Tobacco Cessation Curriculum in California Schools of Pharmacy Robin L. Corelli, PharmD; Nicolette A. Mehas, PharmD; Karen Cheung, PharmD;
Dennis O. Ankrah, PharmD; Michael W. Blatt, PharmD; Karen Suchanek Hudmon, DrPH
September, 2018
Review Biosimilars and the Pharmacist: A Review of the Legal and Regulatory Issues Part 2Donald R. Miller, PharmD, FASHP; Arianna Vidger, BS, 2019 PharmD Candidate October, 2018