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ReviewExtended Reality in Patient Care and Pharmacy Practice: A ViewpointJody K. Takemoto, PhD; Rachel A. Bratelli, PharmD, BCACP; Brittany L. Parmentier, PharmD,
BCPS, BCPP; Thayer A. Merritt, BS; Leanne Coyne, PhD
December 2019
Law UpdateAvoiding Common Legal Issues Confronted in Pharmacy Practice: Evaluating Prescriptions with PRN Wording and Calling for RefillsFred G. Weissman, PharmD, JD; Ettie Rosenberg, PharmD, JDDecember 2019
ReviewBaloxavir Marboxil: A New Antiviral for Acute InfluenzaStephen Selvanayagam, PharmD; Amy Kang, PharmD; David R. Ha, PharmD, BCIDPDecember 2019
Original ResearchThe Effect of a Tailored Patient Activation
Intervention in Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients
Chisom Kanu, MS; Carolyn Brown, PhD; Jamie Barner, PhD; Casey Chapman, MD; Heather Walker, RNSeptember 2019
Original ResearchAssociation Between Sleep Medications and
Falls and Fall-related Worries in Community-
Dwelling Older Adults in the United States
Kathy L. Nguyen, BS, 2019 PharmD Candidate; Jonathan H. Watanabe, PharmD, PhD, BCGPSeptember 2019
ReviewFocus on New Diabetes Treatment Options
with Cardiovascular Benefits
Jeany Kim Jun, PharmD, APh, MPH, BCACPSeptember 2019
ReviewRecognizing Emerging Roles: Effective Delegation to and Supervision of Pharmacy Technicians for a More Efficient and Effective Pharmacy OrganizationMustafa Sultani, 2021 PharmD Candidate; Sam Pournezhad, 2021 PharmD Candidate; Shane P. Desselle, RPh, PhD, FAPhA; Bushra Alsharif, 2021 PharmD/MPH Candidate; Muhamod Saied, 2019 PharmD Candidate; Ryan Hoh, 2019 PharmD CandidateSeptember 2019
Evidence-Based PracticeCritical appraisal of the ASCEND trialAya F. Ozaki, BScPhm, PharmD; Cynthia Jackevicius, PharmD, MSc, BScPhmSeptember 2019
Clinical Practice CapsuleTreatment of Blood Cholesterol to Reduce
Atheroscelerotic Cardiovascular Risk in Adults
Cori Gray, PharmD Candidate; Craig Stern, PharmD, MBASeptember 2019